Jane Baudelaire
Cell: (414) 550-5869

Skills & Accomplishments

Technical Skills
Application Development / Software / Agile SCRUM/ B2B Partnerships / CRM / E-Commerce / Business Analysis / Design / Cost Control / Enterprise Solutions / IT / Internet & Intranet / SDLC
Selected Accomplishments

Implemented new standard to identify patients in any facility. Company had to downsize department due to failing economy and left master patient index program behind schedule. Leveraged existing relationships with cross-functional team to identify problems and delay. Took over project, reduced delay-time within two weeks.

Re-established customer relations. Client was having difficulty with authentication issue on intranet site and repeatedly referred to different departments with no resolution. Effectively listened to customer and discovered root cause of issue. Followed through with resolution, establishing increased customer satisfaction.

Implemented system-wide training solution. Organization needed to implement training for HIPAA compliance, without enterprise learning management system. Worked with internal education department and compliance professionals to develop web-based program. Met Federal guidelines within 90 days, at reduced cost.

Championed online scheduling access for patients. Assigned projects to allow patients to schedule appointment online with primary care physicians. Worked with clinic staff for software requirements and engaged stakeholders, with one dissent. With compelling presentation, received approval and launched new technology. Dissenting vote is now one of biggest supporters of the technology.

Realigned IT decision. IT had made promises for an elaborate intake solution which was unreasonable and impractical. Met with key players to communicate the ramifications of trying build a new system where there was nothing in place to support it. Delivered project that met needs and scope without compromising relationship.


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